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Meeting room Belle Vue

Do you desire more intimate meetings on location with excellent facilities in a professional Business Center? It can be done at meeting room Belle Vue at Bowling Stones Brussels.

This meeting room, with a capacity from 10 to 15 people, offers three possible settings. You can order excellent catering from our in-house Restaurant n9ne. Meeting room Belle Vue is - just like any other meeting room at Bowling Stones Brussels – modern and well lit. It is the ideal meeting room if you wish to meet with a small group of people in a well-equipped environment. This meeting room is equipped with:

  • Surface: 30m² - 6 * 5
    Seated or walking dinner
    Exterior view
    Room darkening
    Single phase 20A – 230V
  • Single phase 20A – 230V
    LCD projector
    Theatre, School or U-Shape
    Wireless internet
meeting room pax brussels

Meeting room Pax

Meeting room Pax is a big, 240m² meeting room with a capacity of up to 250 people. It is our largest meeting room with:

  • Surface: 240m² - 10 * 24
  • Setting: theatre or school
  • Exterior view
  • Room darkening
meeting room arbre ballon brussel

Meeting room Arbre Ballon

Meeting room Arbre Ballon is a smaller meeting room of 36m² with a capacity from 12 - 20 people. Some features:

  • Surface: 36m² - 6 * 6
  • Theatre, school or U-shape
  • Exterior view
  • Room darkening
meeting room bon coin brussels

Meeting room Bon Coin

Meeting room Bon Coin is a modern, 144m² square-shaped meeting room with a capacity for 35 to 100 people.

  • Surface: 144m² - 12 * 12
  • Wireless microphone + headset
  • Exterior view
  • Room darkening