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Team building: : BOWLEN - TENNIS - PADEL

Need a team-building address with ample parking space in the Antwerp area that has it all? Bowling Stones Wommelgem is the place. It has the looks, the feel, the service, the catering, and of course, the bowling!

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It’s no secret that bowling is the most eminent team-building activity. Just as it is no secret either that Bowling Stones Wommelgem is the perfect location to do so in the Antwerp area. Bowling Stones is specialized in bringing fun, ambiance, good food and a healthy bit of competition together. Sound like the perfect cocktail for a team-building activity? Well, that’s because it is! And we haven't even mentioned our excellent and easy to reach situation, or our parking for 100 cars.

You could say we have a tradition when it comes to team-building events. Our different rooms and an unbeatable all-in formula make us an attractive and experienced partner to organize your next team-building activity. Our enthusiastic staff will happily tell you all about it, unless you’d rather make your reservations right away.

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  • Big capacity, also for B2B
  • Combination with meeting facilities
  • Attractive ALL-IN formulas
  • Huge experience in events