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Team building

Organizing a team-building event in the Antwerp area? Do you want up to 120 people, parking at the front door, a venue oozing with cool and fun-to-the- bone activities? You want Bowling Stones Antwerp!

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Are you planning a team-building event in Antwerp? Then you only need to do one thing: Make sure you have a team! Everything else will be taken care of by us, because Bowling Stones also has an enthusiastic team that is ready to turn your team-building activity in Antwerp into a huge success.

The location is a strike on its own, even the biggest trendsetters on your team will feel at home in the hip and lounge atmosphere at Bowling Stones. Want succulent pasta or delicious food from a stone grill? We have it at Bowling Stones, because team building is about more than a bowling competition, it is also about spending a tasty and relaxing day together.

The relaxing starts right from the moment you arrive, since you get to park in front of the door. After that, your team is immersed in a virtual fun-bath so that they are good and ready to give production a boost afterwards. This is team building at its best!

Managers Evy en Nicky

Evy and Nicky

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  • Most trendy bowling in Antwerp
  • Fun bowling, great stone grill
  • Easy to reach location
  • DJ on Saturdays