Stone grill

Stone grills

Come and have food from a stone grill at Bowling Stones. Enjoy copious and delicious meals in a pleasant atmosphere. Watch out though, our stone grill food is so tasty that you might forget there are also two bowling games included !

€ 39 /pp

Pasta strike Antwerp

Pasta strike

Have you tasted our pasta dishes yet? It's as if they came straight from an Italian Mama's kitchen – that's how delicious they are! Those pasta dishes are the main subject of our pasta formula that allows you to combine your two passions – bowling and pasta – at an unbeatable price.

€ 30 /pp

Wim Vanhoven

The stone grill is to die for. The meat comes from the best butcher in town. Will do it again.

Wim Vanhoven

First have some pasta with the whole family and then bowling. We all love it !